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We believe that adventure in a youth and community context is all about building friendships, having choice, feeling inclusion, gaining experience, trying new things, sharing activity, being an equal partner, being involved in the decisions, and having fun.


It can be an activity day or a weekend, the agenda is about engagement enrichment, empowerment and building from particpants own skills.


For these reasons working with us means your project can develop activty to a scope, range and depth far beyond any basic 'pay and play' recreation.  


We are professionally qualified (NYA/JNC) youth workers with experience working with the very hardest to reach young people, building trust, confidence and respect.  


We can build skills, confidence and esteem, build supportive and positive relationships and challenge young people to recognise inappropriate behaviours.







The benefits include more confidence, better communication skills, increased understanding of others, empathy, better negotiation skills and other outcomes. 


We work closely with young people and project staff to build a genuine mutual relationship and use our experience in youthwork, training and development to balance the context or place with activity that respects the need for a social dimension. Our professional (JNC) youthwork qualifications contribute to ensure any project meets these criteria.



Activities can include bushcraft, shelter building, cooking open fires, abseiling walks, climbing scrambles, gorges, canoes etc The list is endless. 



Adventure as fully engaged learning


As with all our activity we use theory to inform practice,


This is Mark Smith's 2001 criteria for youth work


1. Young people choose to participate

2. The work must build from where young people are

3. It recognises the young person and the youth worker as partners in a learning process.


And this is from Mannion (2007) Young people value experiences that;


1. Are Enjoyable, are active and ‘new’, and engage the senses

2. Leave them feeling uninhibited – setting their own agenda, being outdoors and close to nature, not being rushed

3. feel authentic – relating to the hands-on nature of practical activity, exposure to the weather, not always knowing what will happen next, encounters with animals

4. have a suitable balance of 3 dimensions – context/place, the activity itself, and the social aspect

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