EXPEDITIONS Practice & Assessment        


Our DofE portfolio includes land and water expeditions, training and assesment across all 3 levels of the Award Scheme.  


We are working hard to keep our DofE costs between £30.00  and £35.00 per person per day. this includes Campsites, Stoves and FUEL. But not food. 


Bronze and Silver are delivered to Groups 


OPEN Gold expeditions are  on the calendar


As an example


SILVER Programme (7 days)

from £210.00 per person

  • 2 training days building on the bronze experience. (Option to camp overnight)
  • Long weekend practice expedition Friday PM to Sunday night 
  • Documents including Green forms processed
  • 3 full days assessed expeditition.  


BRONZE full Programmes (5 days)

from £150 per person



Expedition Training & practice 4 days £110.00

 Expedition assessment  5 days £140.00 




Land Or Water Based

Gold expedition setting off on the Caledonian canal



Skills Based

sharing and working as a team 





AS we are an AAP we can use our own assessors and award staff.  To  support the local Outdoor Adventure Commmunity by offering voluntary sector and schools assesor services at 'network' rates (this is very cheap) it is our way of volunteering our services (but covering our costs!) Contact us for information. 


We have found it is often easier for some groups to charge a standard fixed rate per participant instead of a group rate and these are priced below.


If Your expediton is on  OS Leisure maps 26 / 27 North York Moors  we can assess your group for: 


Bronze £50.00   (or £10.00 pp inclusive flat rate)

Silver £75.00     (or £15.00 pp inclusive flat rate)

Gold £100.00     (or £20.00 pp inclusive flat rate)


For group bookings, Travel is billed at 0.45 per mile based on an Pre-agreed distance using google maps, from TS11 7EL to each campsite and return. (the per person fees have estimated miles built in.)  



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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:

01642 756785

We are located at:


105 St. Germains Lane.


Redcar, Cleveland. 

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