TEESOUTDOORS uses challenges and teamtasks that are designed to stimulate interaction, discussion and problem solving. We deliver fun events and enjoyable programmes that bring teams together in a powerful way. 


Team Building is all about bringing people together in a shared task, or tasks. these can be events or projects.


Teesoutdoors runs both specific team projects and activity days for adult groups buiilding a shared experience


As an example, one of our events is  the Caledonian Canal four day canoe trip. We are proud to have worked with a team of lads from the RAF Association to complete this challenging sponsored event.


Gorge Days offer special experiences for your team.


Really getting into help and support in challenging situations 


Team events do not need to be physically demanding,  try an evening camp. a few drinks and food  cooked on an open fire.


Camp fires bring people together, to share stories and learn about each other.


They are a brilliant chill out time with your team. 

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