We run a range of cycle options from learn to road ride to trail rides and trips 


We run a wide range of programmes for youth and schools, adults and other learners.


As well as being great fun, We offer riding skills, road awareness, experience, expression and literacy, mechanics and maths, local journeys and adventures further afield.


Bikes are a briliant experience for real world links to curriculum numeracy, with gears, speeds, angles, distances and scales all relevant to the curriculum.  


Journeys and activitiy provides a fertile resource for literacy with expression, description, opinion, evaluation, justification, recordings and in more creative  story telling. 




Bike handling skills training - how to cycle efficiently, basic personal movements biomechanics balance and coordination.


Road safety awareness -  (Bikeability) to ride on roads safely and independently,  we cover personal safety and equipment, respect for other road users, an introduction to aspects of the Highway Code. we start within the safe confines of a traffic free area, like a playground and move to guided short tours locally building on the knowledge and skills acquired.


Bike maintenance - how to check and care for your own cycle, learn about the basic mechanics of the bike, fostering a sense of personal responsibility and safety.


Cycling tours in and around the Cleveland hills and North York Moors  - to discover places of interest and facilitate learning by providing some context to the material delivered in class.


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105 St. Germains Lane.


Redcar, Cleveland. 

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